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CGU Insurance and Prime Motive have been working together for the last 3 years to create and develop award winning user experiences.

Together we have built tools which help thousands of customers everyday and envisioned the future of a customer first insurance industry.

UX Designer Cory discusses project with the Tristan, in front of a large window overlooking the leafy Melbourne CBD.

As the insurance market shifts, and users look to leverage the ever-growing digital channels to research, learn, interact and transact, understanding goals and challenges has become paramount to the success of any organisation.

With a strong history of doing business through intermediaries, CGU has looked to produce and enhance their direct offering for small businesses and personal customers.

Team discussing prototypes in front of a wall of designs

Customer insights and ideation have been the cornerstone of the ongoing work our team has created. Fast and unfiltered, the ideas morph, amalgamate and get refined until they begin to form into tangible solutions that deliver reciprocal value to the organisation and users alike.

A real “test and learn” attitude means that projects continuously evolve to deliver value in the most efficient, practical yet engaging way possible.

Wireframes of different ideas

Great products are a reflection of the team that creates and delivers them. Working with a client that truly looks to invest to support its customers, always yields positive results. Our team has worked together, led and become an extension of the broader CGU team. We have collocated to work with real customers and run continuous user testing programs to help deliver valuable results.

Project discussions between the CGU team and Prime Motive.

Evolution through prototyping.

Prototypes are indispensable when fleshing out and establishing information architecture and the flow of user interaction. Important to the process as much as the solution, both wireframes and prototypes allow for a fluid concept evolution to be visualised every step of the way. This, in turn, means that stakeholders, projects team and customers can see the project evolve and align to the desired and viable solution.

Mobile wireframes
Designers, Luke and Alex, collaborating on a design.

A cohesive, yet ever evolving brand.

The new customer first approach the business has embarked on over the last 3 years has required the CGU brand to be upgraded and refined. Our team of UI Designers has led the way in evolving the digital brand and developing a common visual language that can easily be utilised in a vast number of applications, websites and interactive systems.

Multiple mobile and tablet devices showing CGU designs on screen.
iPad in someone's hand displaying the CGU website
Desktop computer and mobile device displaying CGU and Xero project
Full site design

Nike Team

Nike Team’s Australian partner, TSA, commissioned us to help them strategise and conceptualise a brand new approach to how soccer clubs and players across the country could manage and purchase their gameday kit and training gear.

Art director Luke, studio manager Helen, and developer Libby discussing wireframes at a table.

Transparent, passionate and unifying, the tool had to embody all that local sport clubs have come to represent. A big part of the systems development centered around the logistics of how retailers, TSA and clubs would interact. The team at TSA were keen to bring a distinctive approach to the purchase journey while still making the process as easy and clear as possible. Interacting with the kit needed to feel as natural as putting in on a sunday morning.

Director Brendan looking at Nike Team research displayed on a wall.

The team’s first priority was to put together an overall user and application strategy that allowed for a fluid experience between team, clubs and retailer. The system needed to allow each club to deliver a bespoke yet structured narrative to everyone using the system. In turn, each player needed to have control over all necessary options so they could self serve with confidence.

Nike Team project strategy slides.
Director Valentin discussing concepts in front of a wall of Nike Team research

Leveraging the Nike Team brand.

The UI needed to carefully blend the strong Nike style with the raw, sometimes lacking, local club brand. All club players wear their colours with enormous pride. The design of the application needed to be true to this without reducing the overall experience.

As our concept work came to an end, TSA’s and Nike’s work was just beginning. Launching big, audacious, applications is the same as those winter training sessions, never easy, but the only true path to success.

Two iPads displaying different Nike Team screens.
Nike Team design on iPad
Nike Team ordering process step 1
Nike Team ordering process step 2
Nike Team ordering process step 3
Nike Team ordering process step 4
Nike Team ordering process step 5
Nike Team ordering process step 6
Person using Nike Team purchase process on an iPhone


Incycle approached us with the challenge of translating their breakthrough financial technology into a simple and intuitive user experience. From the ground up, across branding and interaction, users needed to feel in control while being clear on every step of the process.

Designer Alex presenting designs to the team

Our team was responsible for managing and gathering customer insights, persona development, creation of interactive prototypes, user testing and developing user interfaces as well as standard compliance interaction development.

As we began to speak to customers, the overall theme quickly became apparent; Small business owners were “doing great” but were struggling to “keep the lights on.” Cashflow was their primary issue.

The majority of businesses were happy to tap into a support framework that could help them cover eventualities, as long as they felt in complete control and the process was transparent.

Prime Motive team discussing prototypes in front of a wall filled with design and notes.

Key to Incycle’s strategy was to resonate with the right customer. They were clear on who they wanted to attract to their application. Considered and responsible small businesses that were looking to get support the few times “money in/money out” did not line up.

To establish how and when to best support users, the team tested a vast array of low fidelity prototypes. This quick touch, informal engagement allowed us to get a sense of their behaviours and gave us an opportunity to capture the subtle insights of their interactions.

Incycle user journey

Prototyping helped us put together the complex workflows and experiment with layout, form and end to end user journeys. As the multiple variations were created, it allowed the team to test hypothesis and explore length, structure and nuanced activity for the user experience journeys. Testing was done with a sample of participants that reflected the key personas created.

Incycle mobile wireframes

through design.

The Incycle product needed to create a distinct UI personality that could grow with the product yet not make it feel too generic. The interface and experience had to represent the values of the organisation and reassure users or the simple and transparent process. Key to this assurance was to strongly display trust through transparency and support through empathy.

Logo concepts
Art director Luke sketching logo concepts on a sketchbook.
Incycle interface design on tablet and mobile device screens.
Full Incycle homepage design
Blog design displayed on computer and tablet screens.
Incycle interface design on tablet
Custom icons designed for Incycle
Full page invoice interface design


RMIT is one of our largest universities and the top Art and Design school in Australia. With a well-established pedigree of innovation and entrepreneurship, User Experience is at the heart of everything RMIT undertakes.

Art director Luke and project manager Sam discussing wireframes

We worked closely with the RMIT team to form a detailed understanding of how future students would want to learn and explore what the university had to offer. RMIT digital platforms and on-campus events, like Open Day, are key to initial engagement and allow students to understand and experience RMIT courses, culture, history and ethos.

To deliver a comprehensive suite of digital touchpoints, we collaborated with multiple internal stakeholders from numerous parts of the business and created a 12 month User Experience roadmap.

Photo collage of the Prime Motive team discussing prototypes

Based on our 12 month User Experience strategy, our team put together a number of initiatives which focused on engaging students across their key journey touchpoints which included the optimisation of their course pages and brand new open day digital hub. RMIT’s future students helped us define hypothesis and validate our rapid ideation, which allowed for a lean and iterative approach to both solution and delivery.


The Open Day Digital Hub became a multi touchpoint experience that allowed early registrants to get a real understanding of what to expect on the day and how to plan for it. As the day drew nearer, the hub morphed into a planning guide for the event that alerted students to everything on offer how to get the best out of the day.

From what we've delivered, RMIT saw a 34% increase in visitors compared to 2015s digital offering and a 52% increase in registrations to the event.

Tyson, the senior developer, building the RMIT program page
Open Day 2016 site designs on iPad screens
Full page design for the program page.
RMIT design on a mobile device
Full page design of RMIT Midyear 2016.

Senior UX Designer

Position: Contract, 3 months

Prime Motive is a User Experience Agency based in Melbourne. We specialise in experience strategy, as well as the design and development of user interactions. We are proud to work with some of Australia’s biggest & best companies, delivering great work to them every day.

We’re currently looking for a Senior UX Designer to join our team for a 3-month contract to help develop and deliver a suite of innovative and intuitive user experiences for a number of international organisations and brands.

If you are passionate about digital technology, love innovation, creativity and are looking to work in a team of talented and friendly people, read on!

Key responsibilities:

  • Ability to confidently organise and run user interviews, experience audits and other types of research/observation
  • Strong experience strategy skills, with an ability to lead clients and teams to produce user-focused insights and strategic roadmaps
  • Ability to explore UX challenges and balance them with project requirements to create intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use experiences
  • Design and deliver clear UX prototypes from low to high fidelity
  • Experience across the research and design elements of a UX role with commercial maturity and the ability to manage stakeholders
  • Ability to articulate concepts and ideas
  • Communicating and rationalising design decisions to the internal team and clients
  • Collaboration with other team members to support a user-centred design process that provides innovative solutions

Your skills:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience in a user experience, information architecture or interaction design role
  • Agency experience
  • Strong and confident communication skills
  • Strong knowledge/skills with prototyping and presentation software (Axure RP, Sketch App, Adobe CC Suite, Keynote, Invision)
  • The ability to work with, create templates and patterns to maintain scalable and consistent experiences
  • Experience in digital and interaction design specifically for digital applications, web and mobile

How to apply:

At Prime Motive we care deeply about diversity and inclusion. We welcome applicants of all types, and from all backgrounds. If you think you have the skills and experience needed for this role then we'd like to hear from you.

  • If you are this person or know someone who is, contact us at for more information or to apply.
  • No recruitment agencies, please.

User Experience Strategist

Position: Full Time, Melbourne Office

Prime Motive is a Experience & Digital Product agency based in the heart of Melbourne. We specialise in experience strategy, customer/user experience, design and development. We are proud to work with some of Australia’s biggest and best brands, delivering great work with a positive impact on customer’s lives.

If you are passionate about digital technology, love innovation, creativity and looking to work in a team of talented and friendly people, read on!

We’re currently looking for an Experience Strategist to join our team, who will be responsible for contributing to a range of projects for our clients.

The Experience Strategist is a key client advisor and responsible for defining the overall UX vision throughout the digital ecosystem. They will play a critical role in driving the overall UX practice with the executive team, developing team capabilities, as well as working as an ambassador and thought leader.

Key responsibilities:

  • Assess and scope, feasibility and direction of UX/CX projects
  • Set/propose project vision and direction with all levels of client stakeholders
  • Work with client stakeholders to obtain necessary business requirements as they provide input into the project strategy and information architecture
  • Provide experience strategy to facilitate the alignment of business goals into a cohesive, reason-based UX/CX plan and direction
  • Defining strategic objectives (vision and strategy) including team objectives, tactical planning, as well as execution and output of all projects
  • Identify appropriate UX methodologies for executing projects
  • Facilitate strategic and customer-centric decision making
  • Oversee and present strategic project vision to customers and internal stakeholders
  • Work as an ambassador for the team and the agency’s UX/CX capabilities across all projects
  • Define business goals for new projects and translate them into behavioural goals
  • Create workflows and initial prototypes where appropriate, or delegate and lead this work with other team members
  • Partner with the New Business Team to identify and talk through ideas and opportunities or growing existing clients and acquiring new ones
  • Passionate about experiences that keep users/customers at the centre of the solution

Your skills:

  • Tertiary education, Bachelor of Design/UX or similar
  • 7-10 years of experience in a UX/CX role with agency experience
  • Knowledge of CX, HCD and service design processes
  • Client empathy and customer mentality
  • Confidence and diplomacy in equal measures
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong management skills
  • Thought leadership (written and oral)
  • Strong knowledge/skills with prototyping and presentation software (Axure RP, Sketch, Adobe CC Suite, Keynote, Invision)
  • High attention to detail
  • Solution orientated

Perks of working with Prime Motive:

  • Bonus programs dedicated to career progression and personal upskilling
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Work within national and international portfolio of clients
  • Purpose and community pro-bono projects
  • Improve and develop your UX and CX skillset
  • Be part of a creative and passionate team that cares about delivering great experiences and innovation
  • Be supported by friendly and experienced colleagues that can help you progress your career
  • Offices located in the Melbourne and Sydney CBD

How to apply:

If you are this person or know someone who is, contact us at to apply. Please send your CV and links to 2 or 3 recent projects you’ve worked on, and a brief description of what/how you contributed. Only applications with a CV and sample work will be accepted.

No recruitment agencies please.

Mid to Senior Digital Producer

Position: Full Time, Melbourne Office

Prime Motive is a User Experience and Digital Product agency based in the heart of Melbourne. We specialise in experience strategy, user experience, design and development. We are proud to work with some of Australia’s biggest and best brands, delivering great work with a positive impact on customer’s lives.

If you are passionate about digital technology, love innovation, creativity and are looking to work in a small team of great and friendly people, read on!

We’re currently looking for a freelance Digital Producer to join our team who will be responsible for managing UX projects for our clients. Successful planning and execution is required throughout the digital process, to deliver to our client’s goals and expectations. As an enthusiastic and organised digital producer, you will be proactive and outgoing in this role.

What you will do

  • Lead multidisciplinary teams to ensure the successful delivery of assigned projects
  • Work closely with the client and project owners to define requirements, prioritise, schedules and implement a digital project; ensuring that all changes are delivered on time and to budget
  • Produce documentation including communication plans and routine project status reports to key stakeholders
  • Manage the day to day operational aspects of a variety of digital projects and scope
  • Develop and nurture relationships with clients and project stakeholders, by delivering on our promise and setting clear expectations
  • Maintain a standard of premium service and identify opportunities for value-add

Who you are

  • 3+ years of experience in producing digital projects
  • To take charge of the management of digital projects, to delegate internal studio resources and update the client
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • You will have the ability to drive end-to-end process and execute tasks with a great attention to detail
  • Impressive communication skills and an enthusiastic approach to liaising with the client
  • An in-depth understanding of both UX design and development processes
  • Exposure and knowledge of HTML, CSS and Content Management Systems

How to apply:

If you are this person or know someone who is, contact us at to apply. Only applications with a CV – online or PDF – will be accepted.

No recruitment agencies please.

The age of the snake-oil salesman is over. You either deliver positive value into your customers' lives, or someone else will...

User Centered Experience.

Our aim is to create experiences and systems that simplify interactions yet make them exciting.

We research, hypothesise and test digital experiences that put users in complete control while keeping them engaged with your brand.

Experience Strategy

  • Customer Experience Roadmaps
  • User Experience Mapping
  • User Testing & Contextual Interviews
  • Analytics & Tracking Plan
  • UI Wireframe Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Accessibility Compliance

Experience Design

  • Design Research
  • Userflow Development
  • Persona + Archetype Studies
  • IA/Content Strategy
  • UI Prototype Design

Digital Creative & Art Direction

  • Creative Ideation
  • Digital Art Direction
  • Interaction Design
  • Digital Brand Enhancement

Interaction Design

  • Front End Development
  • Interactive Design
  • Backend Integration
  • Front End Framework Development
Team discussing sketches on a whiteboard.

Digital Product Design.

With a focus on compelling user experience and the manipulation of best of breed technology, we help our clients create products that improve their customer’s lives.

From the idea and strategy to final execution and market release; our experience helps support start-ups and enterprises alike, by combining lean methodologies with robust processes to give products the best opportunity to succeed.

Product Ideation & Strategy

  • Lean Production Roadmaps
  • Business Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Requirements Gathering

Product Validation

  • Customer Pilot Programs
  • User Testing and Focus Groups
  • Executive and Investor Comms
  • Market Validity
  • Financial Modeling

Product Branding

  • Product Brand Development
  • Creative and Art Direction
  • Lean Brand Identity
  • Styleguides and UI Kit Development

Product Development

  • Prototype Development
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Technical and Development Build Implementation

Product Growth and Marketing

  • Marketing Production
  • Search Optimisation
  • Ongoing Support
A person testing a mobile app concept on devices.

Technology agnostic, with all the right experience.

The right technical implementation is essential to deliver on a user centered experience.
Our technology strategy is independent of any specific system affiliation and focused on best of breed implementation. Our team has built the knowhow to work within the parameters of your current technology stack or help you develop a viable solution.

Tyson, our senior developer, working at his desk.
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Prime Motive is a User Experience and Digital Product agency based in the heart of Melbourne. We plan, create and grow, authentic digital experiences for brands that are looking to have a positive impact in their customers lives.

Our studio manager, Helen, reviewing designs on a table.
Our director, Valentin, speaks to our office manager in front of her computer.
Tall, smiling Tristan in internal discussions.
Cory presents UX concepts displayed on a wall to Helen.
Directors, Brendan and Valentin, stand against a brick wall and stare seriously into the camera.
Our senior developer, Tyson, stands next to a plant and smiles.
Alex and Cory in discussion in front of a large window.
Art director Luke, reviews designs with developer Libby.
Developer Libby listens attentively to the studio manager Helen.

We work with brands that work for their users.

CGU logo
RMIT University logo
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Incycle logo

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life. If there’s a project that you think we would be a good fit for, get in touch. If you're not sure, get in touch anyway. We can shed light on the process.

General Enquiries


Collins Place

Level 30, 35 Collins Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

03 8393 1949

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Ground Floor, 71 York St

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We are always looking for new talent to join the team. Self-motivated, solution seeking individuals that are looking to do great work, get stuck in to help our clients tackle their challenges. If you think you have something to offer, get in touch.

Open positions

At Prime Motive we care deeply about diversity and inclusion. We welcome applicants of all types, and from all backgrounds. If you think you have the skills and experience needed for any of these roles then we'd like to hear from you.

User Experience Strategist (Full Time, Melbourne Office)

Senior UX Designer (Contract, 3 months, Melbourne Office)

Mid to Senior Digital Producer (Full Time, Melbourne Office)